Medical Providers

Your Medical Provider Network is Aetna Signature Administrators for all locations (except for North and South Carolina who access MedCost). To find out if your
doctor is participating with the Aetna Network Click Here. To search for participating providers in the MedCost Network Click Here.

Need an ID Card?

Please contact AmeriBen Customer Service at 866.504.6813
to request a replacement insurance ID card.

Prescription Drug Plan

Navitus is the Prescription Drug Plan provider for Commercial Roofing Benefits. To locate a Navitus network pharmacy and to review the Navitus preferred brand drugs, you can go to

To find the list of Formulary prescriptions please click CRB Formulary. To submit a prescription claim manually, please use the following Navitus Claim Form.

Mail Order Prescriptions

Costco Mail Order is the Mail Order provider for Commercial Roofing Benefits.

If you take daily medications you may be able to receive a 90-day supply at the price of two co-pays. To enroll in the mail order option, please refer to the order form or you can enroll by calling Costco Mail Order 800-607-6861

Which medical plan is right for you?

We are here to help you decide which medical plan is best for both you and your family. Download our side by side comparison chart to see your options at a glance, and then look at our summary of benefits to see each plan in more detail. Once you choose a plan, the employee costs will be automatically deducted from your weekly paycheck. For questions regarding your eligibility please contact your local HR.

Want to make any changes to your plan? Download the CRB Enrollment Form. Please Note: You may only make changes to your plan during our open enrollment period.

Services that Require Precertification

The following require precertification, at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to receiving any of the following health care services. You are responsible to call or have your physician call:

  • All Inpatient Hospitalizations
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • MRI’s, PET Scan, CAT Scans
  • All Outpatient Surgery

To precertify the services above please call 800.388.3193.

2019 Medical Plans Overview